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“Club Villain” Up-charge Dining Event Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

12182202_10153656546079437_1809159983_n        Last week, Disney announced “Club Disney” as the initial plans for the new Sunset Showcase this December.  It will be just another dance party we can add to the roster at the Disney parks, good for the upcoming busy holiday season.  But it was also said to only be a temporary event, adding fuel to the rumors of a new Disney Villains show coming to the Studios.  In my previous article, I explored that possibility about use of the venue.  If a dance party is going in, then there will be a serious lack of chairs for seating, therefore adding question to this possible show.  Surely they wouldn’t open the venue to just close it two months later to add in rows of seating, which didn’t make sense to me.  The other possibility was to change the characters from the Fab 5 to Villains and keep it a dance party, a more likely possibility.  Well, we now have our answer, and I wasn’t too far off with my speculation.

Today, Disney announced “Club Villain” will be replacing “Club Disney” at the Sunset Showcase theater on Sunset Blvd in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  “Club Villain” will begin January 16, 2016 and will be a ‘themed dining event.’   What does that mean?  Well, accoriding to the press release, Guests will have the chance to mix & mingle with Disney Villains while dining on villain themed food and drink.

According to Walt Disney World’s website:

This spellbinding evening features decadent New Orleans delicacies like tender beef striploin rubbed with herbes de Provence, Voodoo sticky “pig wings” with citrus gremolata and spicy shrimp sautéed with Andouille sausage, tomato, okra and onions over creamy polenta.

Trick or treat yourself to fiendish cocktail concoctions—specialty alcoholic drinks plus beer and wine—hilarious stage-show numbers and up-close encounters with Disney’s most dastardly doomsday divas. Mix and mingle with mysterious Maleficent, hilarious Queen of Hearts, the delirious Evil Queen and the always fur-fetched Cruella De Vil—and wicked jams from our house DJ!

        Noticeably missing from the line-up is Dr. Facilier from The Princess & The Frog, which is very odd considering it is his hat used on the logo. Also, keep in mind, the five villains listed are among the most commonly used in the parks.  My stance on that is Disney should at least offer more villains that are much rarer, and have a big, bad villain as the host/owner of the club.  Also note, this doesn’t sound like a show, so don’t think this is like Hoop-Dee-Doo at Fort Wilderness.  The event sounds along the lines of last years Harambe Nights at Disney’s Animal Kingdom; a special limited event celebrating 20 years of the Lion King with a special performance of Festival of the Lion King, and African food and drink served outside of the theater.  It was a buffet, and Guests dined while standing.  I imagine the room in Sunset Showcase will hold cocktail tables and a buffet with the food offerings.  A DJ will be on the stage and there will be space for Guests to dance while Guests can meet the villains on a personal level.

          Now to answer the question on everyone’s mind.  How much will this special dining event set you back?  Well, it looks like Disney has a favorite number because “Club Villain” will cost $99 (gratuity and tax included) a head.  This is the same price as many other Disney dining/dessert events such as the most recent Fairytale Fireworks Cruise for Wishes at the Magic Kingdom.  Of course, reservations are highly recommended and can be made up to 90 days in advance, either by booking online or by calling (407) 939-3463.


How to Meet Animal Actors at Universal without Seeing the Show

animal-actors-on-location-universal-studios-florida-5033-oi           We all know about the Animal Actors on Location show at Universal Orlando. Located between The E.T. Adventure attraction and Springfield U.S.A., the show is great for families and Guests of all ages offering a fun look at how animals are used in movies of all kinds.  Audiences get a chance to see Frank the Pug from Men in Black, Beethoven the St. Bernard, the cockatoo from Ace Ventura and many other types of animals such as birds, raccoons, and even a pig.  After the show, Guests are able to go down to the front of the theater and have a chance to meet some of the animals, pet them, and even take Read the rest of this entry

New Sunset Showcase Venue at Hollywood Studios Will Open with a Dance Party, but Do We Really Need Another?

HS        A month ago or so, Disney announced they were constructing a new theater in the Sunset Blvd area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Speculation instantly began about what the theater would host.  Could the Studios park be getting a new show? Or will an existing show transfer to allow construction for Star Wars Land and/or Toy Story Land to begin next year.  Shortly after, Disney posted a call sheet for actors/actresses who possess similar physical traits to certain Disney villains.  Speculation continued. Read the rest of this entry

Back to the Future Day at Universal: Simple, yet Satisfying


DSCN7769         Yesterday, October 21, 2015, was Back to the Future Day; the day in Back to the Future Part II when Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly (and Jennifer) arrive in the future.  Fans of the series have been waiting for this day since 1989.  Many were wondering if the Universal Parks would do anything special for the day.  Maybe a special meet and greet, or extra characters, or decorations.  Who knows? A few weeks prior, AMC Theaters Read the rest of this entry

Goosebumps: Nostalgia Lane for Some, Great Fun for All

goosebumps1 Normally, I only write reviews of movies if I’ve seen it opening weekend, but for Goosebumps, I’m making an exception.  Last night, at the Silvermoon Drive-in located in Lakeland, Florida, we saw the newly released Goosebumps movie starring Jack Black as R.L. Stine himself.  When the film was announced, it was no surprise due to the recent attack by Hollywood on everything from our childhood and turning it into movies, good and bad.  Goosebumps was one of the more popular names in the 90s, with its ever growing book collection, I have about 25 of them myself, and the TV series airing on Fox Kids every Saturday morning.  Plus, straight to video specials were made.  The series rings a creepy bell for those of us who grew up in the 90s and I watch the show any chance I got.  My favorites of the books were the ‘choose your own adventure’ books.  I couldn’t get enough of Goosebumps and I’m sure the books are just as popular among kids today.  The problem wasn’t the why, but it was the how.  How were they going to Read the rest of this entry

Silvermoon Drive-In Supplies Inexpensive Classic Style of Watching Movies

12167839_10153641561559437_23596641_n        After months of wanting to attend the local drive-in, we finally got the chance to last night.  Located in Lakeland, Florida, an easy 45 minute drive from the Kissimmee area, probably about 60 minutes from WDW property, the Silvermoon Drive-In sits, allowing people of all ages to experience the classic and nostalgic feeling of attending a drive-in movie theater.  Opened in the Spring of 1948, the Silvermoon keeps its doors open with a ticket price of just $5 for adults and $1 for children 4-9.  That is a far cry from today’s local theater ticket prices!  Now sometimes, movie theaters will show classic movies for on e or two nights only for only $5-$7 a ticket, but at SIlvermoon, viewers Read the rest of this entry

CONFIRMED: Soarin closing in January for major refurbishment

image      CONFIRMED! Listed on The Walt Disney World website, Soarin now shows it will be closed beginning January 4th, 2016 until Summer for refurbishment. It’s well known that Disney has been building a third theater for the attraction to help diminish the long queue wait times for it. It was also announced a few months “Soarin’ Around the World,” which was filmed for Shanghai Disneyland, will be coming to WDW in 2016. Read the rest of this entry

Crimson Peak: Teaches Us Not to Fear Ghosts of Our Pasts, but People of our Present

12170756_10153635252414437_823150351_n          The visual mastermind behind movies such as Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, and the Orphanage has returned with another gorgeous movie that is eye candy from beginning to end.  Crimson Peak has been largely advertised for months as a Gothic horror with bone chilling ghosts promising a haunted house adventure, however the movie is anything but scary.  But before you call foul, even Guillermo Del Toro himself fully admitted on Twitter his movie is a Gothic romance, not a horror.  So really, this is the fault of the studio.  However, with that noted, the film still delivers in every other area; a compelling story, interesting characters, some mystery, and of course beautifully designed sets, costumes, and colors. Read the rest of this entry

Photo Report: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Does Not Disappoint with NEW Hocus Pocus Show

2       A couple weeks ago, I had a chance to attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  An event I enjoy every year, especially since I LOVE Halloween.  Unlike many of the seasonal events out there (not knocking any), this Disney event is perfect for people of all ages, assuming they like Disney even the slightest of course.  It comes every year on select nights in September and October, and is one of the most popular events Disney does.

        Not-So-Scary is pretty standard each year.  Basically, we know what we are going to get with our purchased ticket.  There is the famous, and in my opinion best, parade Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade.  The parade, although almost always the same with a few tweaks here and there, never disappoints.  The song will be stuck in your head for weeks.  It allows Guests the chance to see characters they can’t see any other times of the year.  And who can forget the best part of the parade: the grave diggers, representing the Haunted Mansion with their shovels!  It’s a relatively long parade, probably second to the Christmas parade, and is Read the rest of this entry

Jedi Training Academy Closes Today for Refurbishment


Today, October 4th, 2015, is the final day for the current version of Jedi Training Academy show located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. The show is closing for a mild refurbishment and will return as an all new show. It is tentatively scheduled to re-open in December around the same time the new Star Wars Launch Bay is set to open in the former location of The Magic of Disney Animation. Read the rest of this entry