Silvermoon Drive-In Supplies Inexpensive Classic Style of Watching Movies

12167839_10153641561559437_23596641_n        After months of wanting to attend the local drive-in, we finally got the chance to last night.  Located in Lakeland, Florida, an easy 45 minute drive from the Kissimmee area, probably about 60 minutes from WDW property, the Silvermoon Drive-In sits, allowing people of all ages to experience the classic and nostalgic feeling of attending a drive-in movie theater.  Opened in the Spring of 1948, the Silvermoon keeps its doors open with a ticket price of just $5 for adults and $1 for children 4-9.  That is a far cry from today’s local theater ticket prices!  Now sometimes, movie theaters will show classic movies for on e or two nights only for only $5-$7 a ticket, but at SIlvermoon, viewers get to see TWO brand new movies for only $5.  That is truly a steal!  Where I grew up, we had/have, a local drive-in theatre, which is only open on the weekends, and regularly plays triple features on Fridays and Saturdays.  However, many times, at least one of the movies offered is weeks old, sometimes a month or even two, so if you’re an avid theater goer, chances are you’ve seen it already.  But at Silvermoon, they play first-run movies each week.  It’s marvelous! This week had Goosebumps on one screen, and next week starts the newest Paranormal Activity sequel.

12064141_10153641561544437_616029822_n        This week was showing Goosebumps and Hotel Transylvania 2 on Screen 1, and Pan and The Martian on Screen 2.  We chose Screen 1 and we were not disappointed.  The screens face each other with the concession stand and restrooms in the center of the land.  We arrived at 6:45, being told the gates open at 7.  They didn’t open until 7;15, but after checking updates on their Facebook page, we saw the open time had been changed for the night before, so they weren’t late.  Since it was a Monday, it wasn’t exactly crowded, but if you’ve never been to a drive-in, keep in mind, you SHOULD try to arrive early for multiple reasons.  You beat the long lines at the gate, get choice of parking spot for your viewing, and then you have time to relax, set up your seating area (if you choose to not stay in the 12168043_10153641561599437_2061168784_ncar) and even eat dinner before the previews start.  Since we were first in, we got prime real estate in the dead center and set up our lawn chairs and little table in front of our car.  Silvermoon does allow you to bring outside food, which is great, and unlike other drive-ins, there is no fee.  But keep in mind also that theaters of all kinds tend to make their money off of concession stand purchases, and with drive-in ticket prices so low, I almost always try to purchase one or two things at the concession stand.  At the very least, go check it out because unlike our local theaters, the food is MUCH cheaper, and often better quality! Silvermoon provides pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzels, candy, popcorn, drinks (and alcoholic), and even breakfast items.

12170751_10153641561624437_1880482360_n       Since food was allowed, we brought in sandwiches, sodas, and snacks for the movies.  We ate before anything even started, and then bought popcorn for the second movie.  It’s always a great time.  For Goosebumps, we sat outside of the car with our speakers loud.  If you plan to do this, especially during this time of the year, bring a jacket and maybe even a blanket or two.  It can get chilly at night, even in Florida.  For the most part, we could hear the movie fine.  However, as we found out, a train track runs directly behind Screen 2, AND the area Silvermoon is in is an industrial area with the Publix headquarters right down the street.  So there were many trucks driving by, as well as sirens here and there.  But this isn’t Silvermoons fault, so it’s not something to complain about, just to be aware of. We decided to sit in the car for Hotel Transylvania 2.

Overall, Silvermoon is a fabulous place to go see a movie at.  The staff I interacted with were very friendly and energetic, not to mention polite!  The rest rooms were very 12167820_10153641561649437_1722091980_nclean, which is always a necessity.  It is awful to go to a place with gross restrooms. I loved that the lot was actually paved and not just grass and dirt.  It made sitting outside much easier for us, AND its good in case it rained all day.  The food was well priced and smelled very good.  Our popcorn seemed a little cold, but perhaps we got the end of a batch, especially since it wasn’t crowded at all.  (And in case you care, they sell Pepsi products.  We were happy we brought our Coke and Sprite.) So, if you live in the area, or you’re visiting Florida on vacation, and you’ve always wanted to go to a drive-in movie theater, Silvermoon Drive-In is definitely the place to go!  It’s only a short drive down I-4.  We definitely plan to return in the future!


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