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The Good Dinosaur: Is Pixar Losing its Touch?

imageYesterday, Pixar’s 16th film, The Good Dinosaur, opened to incredibly mixed reviews across the board, something quite new for a Pixar film. Typically, Pixar knocks it out of the park with its films. They’ve been so consistent over the years, most of the time, I hardly bother finding out the actual plot of their next film. I just go to it expecting to be taken away with incredible characters and an amazing, original story. Inside Out was one of those films. Unfortunately, The Good Dinosaur almost fails to live up to the Pixar standard. I say almost because the film does still have some original ideas and creative moments in it. Read the rest of this entry


Rumor Mill: Could a Muppets-Themed Restaurant be Comimg to Disney’s Hollywood Studios?


Over the past four years, The Muppets has had a resurgence in popularity among fans. Of course, they’ve always had a core audience with the classic The Muppet Show, their movies such as The Muppets Christmas Carol & Muppet Treasure Island, and MuppetVision 3D at both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But when Disney released a new movie in 2011, The Muppets, which starred Jason Segal and Amy Adams, fresh life was brought to the characters and showed Disney they were still popular and relevant. The film was followed up Read the rest of this entry

Here’s How to Get That Coveted Purple Magic Band

DSCN7908I decided to check out the new D-Tech location inside the Space Mountain merchandise shop the other day, and I was not disappointed.  Thanks to stores like Co-Op at Disney Springs in the Marketplace, I was already familiar with how D-Tech works.  It is a way to personalize phone cases with Disney images, logos, and characters.  What makes this new location so special is now Guests Read the rest of this entry

Disney Announces Even More Star Wars Details for Hollywood Studios, but is Season of the Force Still Coming?

Shanghai_Disneyland_Star_Wars_Launch_BayIn addition to last week’s Star Wars announcements, Disney has announced even more Star Wars additions coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in January. Beginning January 5th, 2016, Guests will also have a chance to sample some of the Galactic Food! Read the rest of this entry

SeaWorld Orlando’s Christmas Celebration Remembers to Keep Christ in Christmas and Here’s How

10366292_10152889751604437_1951783819859244857_nLet me start first by saying this article in no way is criticizing Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando. All three companies, those mentioned and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, offer excellent Christmas activities and attractions. Universal Orlando has its Grinchmas, which I personally love. The Grinch show they provide is excellent; a slightly grittier and even more sarcastic telling of Ron Howard’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas film. And then in the name park, they have Christmas decorations everywhere and the “Macy’s Day Parade,” a mini replica of the one in NYC. Even the Blue Brothers show transforms into a Christmas show. Read the rest of this entry

Beef Stew comes to Gaston’s Taverns at Magic Kingdom

12231112_10153687906129437_808552063_nTwo weeks ago, Gaston’s Tavern quietly removed its Pork Shank from its menu.  No official reason was given as to why Disney decided to do away with the snack, but Cast Members did report it would be replaced soon with a Beef Stew.  And it has finally arrived! Read the rest of this entry

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival set to replace Captain EO

imageEarlier today, Disney announced the official closing of Captain EO, much to the cries of adoring fans. (Sorry people, it’s had its time.) Right away, the questions came to what was replacing it and how soon will it come? Well it looks like Disney quickly followed up with an answer for us! Coming to the Magic Eye Theater in the Imagination Pavilion is the “Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival!” Read the rest of this entry

BREAKING! Disney has confirmed Captain EO at Epcot will be closing forever, Decemeber 6th!

imageIt seems that Disney has quietly confirmed rumors about the closing of Captain EO at Epcot. They have updated the attraction’s poster stating his farewell mission will be December 6th! So if you’re a fan of this show, be sure to check it out ASAP.

Of course, we aren’t told why the attraction is closing or what is replacing it.  On average, Disney plays their plans really close to their chest, but there is speculation that the Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald has recently been put in charge to overhaul Epcot for the next few years. This could be an initial step toward that process. However, nothing has been said about Journey into Imagination with Figment, which may seem odd to some with rumors of the entire pavilion getting a make-over.  But that doesn’t mean something won’t happen to it soon. Read the rest of this entry

Progress on the New Jungle Cruise Themed Restaurant

DSCN7897For the past few months, work has been coming along nicely on the new Jungle Cruise themed restaurant named Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen, or The Skipper Canteen for short.  This picture was taken from the bridge connecting the entrances of Adventureland and Liberty Square.  As you can see, Disney has added on to the original building quite a bit for the dining room.  Read the rest of this entry

Disney officially announces Star Wars Launch Bay opening date, as well as new Star Wars activites

Shanghai_Disneyland_Star_Wars_Launch_Bay      Disney has announced the official opening date for the new Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well as new Star Wars experiences coming to the park! Beginning December 1, Guests will have the chance to dive deeper into the Star Wars universe and the upcoming film, Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

The Launch Bay will contain special behind the scenes exhibits and props from the newest film, special merchandise, as well as new character meet and greet opportunities with two of the series’ most popular characters: Chewbacca and Darth Vader! Read the rest of this entry