Elsa and Anna Return to Light Cinderella’s Castle

DSCN7909      Last year, Disney created much controversy when they announced Cinderella’s Christmas Wish would not be the means of lighting the castle during Christmas time.  If you’re unfamiliar with Cinderella’s Christmas Wish, each night during November and December, the Fairy Godmother would come out onto the castle balcony while Mickey and friends were trying to figure out a way to decorate the castle for Christmas.  After some deliberation, the Fairy Godmother calls out Cinderella who then asks to have her castle glisten just like her favorite glass slippers.  Then with a few waves of her magic wand, the castle lights up in glimmering white.  It was a Guest favorite. 

Then a little movie called Frozen came along and Disney decided to DSCN7923change up this tradition. Fans were up in arms about the decision, with the main (and fair) reason against it being it is Cinderella’s Castle, not Elsa’s.  The change came about anyway and has returned again for this years celebration.  Now, Elsa is used to decorate the castle in ‘ice’.  I didn’t get a chance to see the new show last year, so I made a point to check it out this year.

DSCN7924  The show begins at 6:15pm each night, and has a second showing on nights without Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  It starts with Anna, Elsa, and Christopher walking out on stage and talking about Christmas and decorating.  Then they call Olaf who appears on the balcony.  After telling him to come down, he appears on stage to join everyone.  Everyone returns to talking about wanting to decorate the castle, and of course they nominate Elsa to use her powers. DSCN7935

At first Elsa hesitates after acknowledging they are guests in the castle (a nice admittance of the loss of the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella), but she succumbs after the crowd cheers her on.  Wonderfully mixed with the castle projection technology and special lighting, the castle comes alive with whirling of snow and ice. After a few more moments of Elsa waving her hands to create the ice and snow, the castle sparkles with light and the ‘ice’ Christmas lights glisten across the kingdom complete with some pyro. DSCN7944

The new turrets are included in the decorations and it is a noticeable difference from previous years!  The castle looks great and the show is very cute and entertaining.  I fully understand everyone’s complaints against Elsa lighting the castle.  I am/was one of them, but at this point I’ve come to accept it.  And plus, admitting they are guests in someone else’s castle oddly satisfies me enough to just enjoy the new show.  The audience clearly loves the addition of Anna and Elsa, and the character acting has greatly improved from last year.  With Frozen remaining at a steady level of popularity, I have a feeling Elsa will continue to light the castle every year, at least up until Frozen 2 comes out!

What do you think? Do you miss seeing the Fairy Godmother light Cinderella’s Castle for her Christmas Wish?  Or are you happy with Anna and Elsa taking the reins? DSCN7953


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Creator of DiPaula on Disney: entertainment website dedicated to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, other Florida parks and activities, and other adventures. Co-creator and producer of Parks, Brews, and Geek News: an entertainment website dedicated to the Florida theme parks including Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, movie & geek news, and food and brews. Chris DiPaula has been an avid theme park and amusement park goer since childhood and a die hard Disney fan for as long as he can remember. He is currently an active concierge Cast Member at Walt Disney World Resort and has worked for The Walt Disney Company since 2011. Previously, he worked for Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando in the entertainment technician field as well.

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