Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival set to replace Captain EO

imageEarlier today, Disney announced the official closing of Captain EO, much to the cries of adoring fans. (Sorry people, it’s had its time.) Right away, the questions came to what was replacing it and how soon will it come? Well it looks like Disney quickly followed up with an answer for us! Coming to the Magic Eye Theater in the Imagination Pavilion is the “Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival!”

The new attraction will include a imagelook into the visionary minds behind some of the world’s most iconic animated films today.  And then Guests will enter the theater to sit though a 4D experience designed along with three of the shorts from Disney and Pixar. This is sure to be a wonderful experience for Guests of all ages! Keep in mind, the Film Festival will be in 3D, for those Guests who are not fans of 3D. No word yet on which imagethree short films will be chosen or of its opening date.

This follows rumors that Epcot’s Future World, and Imagination Pavilion specifically, mat be getting a major overhaul. Could this be the first step?


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Creator of DiPaula on Disney: entertainment website dedicated to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, other Florida parks and activities, and other adventures. Co-creator and producer of Parks, Brews, and Geek News: an entertainment website dedicated to the Florida theme parks including Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, movie & geek news, and food and brews. Chris DiPaula has been an avid theme park and amusement park goer since childhood and a die hard Disney fan for as long as he can remember. He is currently an active concierge Cast Member at Walt Disney World Resort and has worked for The Walt Disney Company since 2011. Previously, he worked for Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando in the entertainment technician field as well.

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