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Elsa and Anna Return to Light Cinderella’s Castle

DSCN7909      Last year, Disney created much controversy when they announced Cinderella’s Christmas Wish would not be the means of lighting the castle during Christmas time.  If you’re unfamiliar with Cinderella’s Christmas Wish, each night during November and December, the Fairy Godmother would come out onto the castle balcony while Mickey and friends were trying to figure out a way to decorate the castle for Christmas.  After some deliberation, the Fairy Godmother calls out Cinderella who then asks to have her castle glisten just like her favorite glass slippers.  Then with a few waves of her magic wand, the castle lights up in glimmering white.  It was a Guest favorite.  Read the rest of this entry


BREAKING! Disney finally confirms Star Wars Weekends is NOT Returning!

StarWarsWeekends2005Logo      Last month when I reported about the dates for the new Season of the Force, I mentioned that the new event would be replacing Star Wars Weekends.  It only made sense with Season of the Force lasting from January 18th to March 20th.  That is a whole TWO months!  It wouldn’t make sense to take a break of Star Wars and then bring them back for five more weekends, most likely offering the same, if not similar, events and opportunities.  Plus, the late Winter season was pretty much the last time of the year Disney didn’t have a special seasonal offering for Guests.  Now we have the entire year filled with Season of the Force, the Flower & Garden Festival, Summer season, Food & Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Read the rest of this entry

BREAKING! Universal announced Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue will close permanently on December 3rd!

12182443_10153682031779330_808063138232448544_o    Well everyone, it looks like we finally have a closing date for the Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue at Universal Studios Florida!  December 2nd will be the last time Guests will be able to hear the classic Universal monsters sing and dance to pop music!

The show was announced to be closing back in September when Universal announced the closing of Disaster along with it to make way for the new attraction, Fast and Furious Supercharged!  Not many details have been given about the new attraction, but it is clear it will take up a full block of Universal real estate.  Beetlejuice is closing so the theatre can be torn down to make room for the expanded ride building, which will also sit where Disaster was located.  Read the rest of this entry

The Pork Shank has left Gaston’s Tavern, here’s what’s replacing it.

DSCN7899       If you’ve ever wandered through New Fantasyland, then most likely you’ve stumbled upon Gaston’s Tavern in the Beauty & the Beast area; a statue replica of Gaston perched on top of a fountain.  Gastan’s Tavern quickly became a Guest favorite serving Le Fou’s Brew, a frozen apple juice and marshmallow drink topped with passion fruit foam, large gooey cinnamon rolls, and the pork shank, which seemed to be a good alternative for the infamous turkey leg.  I have sampled all three of these items and they are all delicious! Read the rest of this entry

Photo Report: Christmas has come to the Magic Kingdom

It’sDSCN7881 November, so of course in Florida, that means Christmas has come to Walt Disney World!  We went to the Magic Kingdom yesterday to check out the recently put up Christmas decorations.  Halloween only ended a week ago and the decorations went up in only days, including the big Christmas Tree in Town Square.  The tree is usually not put up until December after the taping Christmas Day Parade, but this year it has arrived a month early with everything else!  Read the rest of this entry

Spectre: Builds up hope, but fails to deliver

12207891_10153672606024437_1742865584_n        To begin this review, I need to admit something.  I am not a James Bond fan.  There, I said it.  I’ve never seen any of the original films and while growing up, the Pierce Brosnan films looked incredibly corny to me, so I never had any interested to even see them.  Then Casino Royale came out in 2006 with Daneil Craig helming the famous secret agent, and for the first time in my life, I was interested in a 007 movie.  Royale blew me away for what it is.  Craig brought a grittiness to the role that showed even James Bond can have difficulties with his job.  Not everything was perfect and he developed Bond as the film progressed from a new agent learning how to win his battles to the suave 007 we’ve come to know over the past decades.  It was refreshing to see a more realistic take on the character. Read the rest of this entry

Carowinds Trip Report

001.7        Back in June, my father and I took a trip to Carowinds in Charlotte, NC to check out their newest coaster, Fury 325, the tallest and fasted giga coaster.  Carowinds used to be owned by Paramount, who also owned various other parks, such as Kings Dominion and Kings Island.  In 2006, Cedar Fair, the owner of such famous parks as Cedar Point and Knott’s Berry Farms, purchased all of the Paramount parks and began improving them. I can attest that Kings Dominion in Richmond, Virginia has great improved in quality since.  This was our first time visiting Carowinds and I knew what to expect, overall.  But overall, our day had as many hills as Fury 325.   Read the rest of this entry

Once: A New Musical

12042899_10153599818069437_1544824690758582565_n      Just over a month ago, I finally got to see the Tony award winning musical, Once! It was performing in the Straz Center located just outside of Tampa, so we made a day of it.  The Straz isn’t exactly my favorite theater to go to, at least ticket price wise, but I was not going to miss another chance of seeing this show.

For this show, the mood is set as soon as you enter the theater.  The set itself is designed to look like a pub in Scotland.  But what makes it unique is, before the show, and during intermission, the set is a working bar!  You heard correct.  Audience members are able to walk up on stage, explore the set at their leisure, without touching anything of course, and even purchase a drink at the bar.  It was an incredible detail!  As it gets closer to show, the actors, Read the rest of this entry