Star Wars Food Premieres Over a Month Early with Many Options around the Park

DSCN826222This past Tuesday, December 1st, the Star Wars Launch Bay inside the old The Magic of Disney Animation building and the revamped Jedi Training Academy, now titled Trials of the Temple, opened to Guests.  Along with these two openings, Disney quietly premiered the new Star Wars food offerings, which were originally announced to not be sold until January 5th, premiering over a month early! This could be yet another indication that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will not be getting the previously announced Season of the Force event, which we had previously discussed here.  It is quite possible they have quietly cancelled the event with no indication as to why.  As far as the food offerings go, there is some great variety. DSCN8262

The largest offering is at the Backlot Express quick-service restaurant located next to Star Tours: The Adventure Continues.  The restaurant had recently been re-themed to Star Wars DSCN82622earlier this year, which would open at 4pm and serve a specialty menu.  This new menu is a bit more basic compared to the previous, but still very fun.  It’s not a full Star Wars menu, but has items mixed in throughout.  Entree selections include the Royal Guard Burger and Dark Side Chicken & Waffles, complete with a Darth Vader imprint on the waffles!  There is also the Galactic Chicken Salad and children’s menu options.

Have you ever wanted to try the Blue Milk from Episode IV? Well, now you DSCN8263can with the Blue Milk Panna Cotta dessert!  Disney also brought back the specialty cocktails used for Star Wars weekends.  At $15.25, the price is a bit steep, but you can bet it’s because of the light-up Death Star and Millennium Falcon that comes with each drink.  The Boba Fett Stein has also returned for Guests to purchase as a souvenir cup!


Photo by Inside the Magic

We can’t forget about the cupcakes now also being sold on a regular basis! Now available is the BB-8 Lemon Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream, a Chewbacca Chocolate Coconut Kashyyyk German Chocolate Cupcake, and the famous Darth Vader Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake.  These are sold at multiple locations throughout the park, including the BacklotDSCN8272 Express, and most likely the Starring Roles Cafe, located on Sunset Blvd.

Moving along, Guests can also purchase other Star Wars souvenir containers at the popcorn stands located throughout the park.  They have a Chewbacca and a BB-8 Stein for fountain drinks, as well as the popular Darth Vader popcorn bucket.  Perhaps, one of the neatest additions is the large TIE Fighter popcorn bucket, available for $25! The Chewbacca stein is neat and a common design, but I would choose the BB-8 drink cup of the two!  As far as popcorn buckets go, they probably hold about the same amount.  The TIE is just way more intricate, which is probably why it costs much more.    DSCN8274

DSCN8269Lastly, sort of a bonus, if you’d like to include it as Star Wars, Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner is also selling a Blue Milkshake.  It has been there for a while, but hey, I’d still consider it Blue Milk! They also do sell a Hand-dipped BB-8 Droid Rice Crispie treat and the popular Han Solo souvenir container from previous Star Wars Weekends for a children’s meal.

All of these items are located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and will most likely stay with us for quite some time, hopefully. Since it seems that Season of the Force is no more, I don’t why these wouldn’t stay until Star Wars Land opens, or construction takes over, or dare I say it, Frozen Summer Fun returns!


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