Symphony in the Stars Fireworks Show Premiering Early

imageIt looks as though Disney continues to change its own plans which they announced only weeks ago. Originally announced to begin nightly January 5, 2016, Disney has altered its dates for Star Wars activities once again for its Hollywood Studios park. The newly revised A Symphony in the Stars: A

Galactic Spectacular will now premiere in just over a week on Friday, December 18th! That’s right, the same day as The Force Awakens in theaters.

When the fireworks show was originally announced, it was to be seen only on imageweekends during the new Season of the Force event, which was set to come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as Disneyland. Disneyland started theirs a few weeks ago, complete with a new version of their Space Mountain, now titled HyperSpace Mountain. However, ours wasn’t slated to begin until January 8th, which was all fine and dandy until beginning dates of what was planned to be offered were announced to start a few days before the 8th and the Symphony in the Stars was changed to a nightly show.

Then, last week, without a single announcement, everything except the fireworks began Decemer 1st when the new Star Wars Launch Bay officially opened, including the new food offerings and Storm Troopers marching around. There has not been any official word from Disney about Season of the Force being cancelled, but now with Symphony in the Stars beginning more than two weeks early, I think it’s safe to say Walt Disney World’s version of the event has been quietly cancelled.

It looks like instead of having a solid two month event, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will have a steady Star Wars presence throughout the year. No one can know for sure how long all of these offerings will last at the park. It could be for a few months, all year, until the new Star Wars Land opens, or heaven forbid, the return of Frozen Summer Fun. Whatever the case, running a nightly fireworks show during the Spectacle of Dancing Lights could prove problematic for Cast Members and Guests alike if the wind direction and speed is deemed to much for the fireworks, turning the main street for Lights to become part of the fallout zone. Of course, that would be a decision made early on with enough time to clear the area, but I know I wouldn’t want to be the one having to tell Guests a major part of the Dancing Lights is closed for the next hour or so.

imageAs for the show itself, I hope it’s more than just a simple rehash of the regular show used for Star Wars Weekends, which have now been officially announced to not be returning. It’ll also be nice to see fireworks regularly at Studios once again. Not that Fantasmic isn’t a great offering as a nighttime show, but it’s good to have options for Guests, especially during the busy season. What do you think about the major influx of Star Wars at the park now?

UPDATE: It seems as though for the Symphony in the Stars, the show will only be on the weekends and Disney will turning off the Osborne Lights at 10pm on those specific nights. This is probably due to the fall out zone as I mentioned above. It just seems a shame Disney is limiting the viewing of the Lights on their final year, especially since they’ve been bringing is crazy amounts of Guests nightly.


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