Club Disney Opens and Brings Another Dance Party for Guests

DSCN8063On December 1st, same day as the opening of the Star Wars Launch Bay, a new dance party also opened for Guests.  Located down Sunset Blvd right next to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Disney built a brand new building named the Sunset Showcase.  Much speculation was afoot when the new structure was announced, such as a new show, or a new venue to replace the Premiere Theater during future construction.  Disney soon put all of the rumors to rest and announced the Sunset Showcase would hold a simple dance party, and then later Club Villain, an up-charge dining experience.  (We’ll talk about that later.)

As of recently, Disney has been on a binge of creating dance parties for Guests.  What used to be mainly used for hard ticket events and Extra Magic Hours is now a regular offering for Guests.  I’m actually shocked Epcot doesn’t have one yet.  Club Disney isn’t much different, but it does have a few offerings which definitely surpass other dance parties.

DSCN8067Club Disney is located inside the air conditioned Sunset Showcase.  The outside of the building itself is pretty simple, but inside holds much more.  In a single, well spaced out room, there are chairs and benches for parents to sit and relax on.  There are also charging stations for Guests to use.  In the center is the dance floor of course, one that is the type placed down for wedding receptions.  (I was expecting a simple carpet.)  DSCN8071

In the far corners, sitting on each side of the stage, are two snack bars.  Here, Guests can purchase different kinds of snacks and and drinks.  Listed right now is mini corn dog bites served in a Mickey Elf Bucket, Club Mickey Sandwich, Mickey Pretzel, cupcakes, brownies, flavored lemonade with a glow cube, and hot cocoa.  Plus the common beverages. No alcoholic beverages provided, however.  Sorry, parents.

And of course, in the center of the back wall is the DJ, complete with Dr. Facilier’s hat, for some reason…  I didn’t spend a lot of time inside Club Disney, but from what I did hear, the music has a pretty good variety, and it DSCN8069was more than just club style songs.  They were actually playing popular songs mixed with club beats.  It’s nice when a DJ is actually a DJ.

The dance floor is a good size and I’m sure it’ll fill up during Christmas week.  The characters are just the Fab 5 right now.  There isn’t any word if Disney will work in other characters as well.  I imagine since there is a nighttime dance party in front of the Chinese theater featuring rare characters, Club Disney will keep the classics.

Situated high on all four DSCN8074walls are giant screens used to project Disney clips, characters, and designs which all sync up to the music pretty well.  This alone is fun to watch when walking around or relaxing in a chair.  They do add a bit more fun and entice the eyes with its fun color palate.

DSCN8079All of this aside, there is something even more unique that Club Disney has.  Located along the walls are interactive digital coloring stations.  Each of the four station show two Disney characters/pictures to be colored in.  Guests are handed a digital pen, which will color the screen when the button isDSCN8081 pushed.  There are two downsides, or flaws if you will, to this activity. 1) Guests can only color with one color at a time.  Meaning, if yellow is chosen, then all pens for that screen are coloring with yellow until another color is selected, which the Cast Members do for you.  2) You can’t really chose the thickness of the line with which you are coloring with.  To color large areas, this works fine.  However, when I was coloring Pluto, for example, and it was time to color in his DSCN8082head, the thickness of my line was too wide to stay within the lines of Pluto’s jaw and eyes.  Something I know might drive some perfectionists crazy. I’m sure this can be tweaked over time though, if it hasn’t already.   In the end, the activity is very neat and fun to do!

Club Disney is a great place for families to go and relax, especially if the parents are tired, but the children still have a lot of energy.  There are many places to sit down, and the room is well air conditioned.  Club Villain is set to premiere January 16th, but it isn’t 100% clear if Club Villain 12182202_10153656546079437_1809159983_nis only for dinner time and later, or if it will run throughout the day which would take Club Disney out of Sunset Showcase completely. Hopefully, we’ll learn more in a few weeks.  Check out the rest of our photos below!


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