Neil Patrick Harris Returns for the Candlelight Processional

DSCN8300Every year for the Christmas season, Epcot hosts their annual Candle Light Processional for Guests in the American pavilion.  If you’re unfamiliar with what Candlelight is, then I highly suggest you check it out.  It is a live telling of the birth of Christ complete with a full orchestra and chorus.  The story is told by a celebrity narrator who is changed out every few days.  Each year, Disney will bring in a few new celebrities to read, but we also see ones return year after year, two examples being Whoopi Goldberg and the incredibly popular Neil Patrick Harris!

This was my second time attending the Candlelight Processional and definitely won’t be my last.  For this year, we decided to get the dinner package which I highly recommend!  You book a dinner reservation in DSCN8289advance at any of the Epcot table service locations available for the evening you would like to attend.  The reservation then comes with a show time and reserved seating for that show!  In order to use the package, the reservation is unable to be booked later than 4pm.  For dinner, you will be able to select any items off of the menu and eat a three course meal.  No matter where you eat, it costs $57 per person, which is really a good deal considering it is a flat rate for any three menu items and reserved seating for the show.  We decided to try out the Rose & Crown restaurant and had a great time.  The food was delicious! Our show time was for 8:15, so after dinner, we still had a few hours to walk around and check out all of the Christmas decorations around the World Showcase.

You receive a pass for your reserved seats which states the show time on it.  It is a sticker for you to put on your shirt, which we thought was a neat idea.  Then you won’t misplace it.   We weren’t sure what time we should arrive in line for our show and our server said 7:30 is a good time, so we based it on that. But we were so very wrong.  When we arrived at our line, the end of it trailed all the way back to the Morocco pavilion. What we learned was Disney sells quite a few of the “reserved seats” to Guests and approximately 2/3 oDSCN8338f the theater is for these seats and 1/3 is for the stand-by line.  They aren’t really reserved seating, whereas, our line is just let into the theater first, but by the time we actually got into the theater, it was very full and stand-by had already been allowed in. Thankfully, we didn’t just follow the crowd like lemmings to the side seating area and were able to find almost a completely empty row dead center.  It worked out very well for us and we had a prime viewing area.  However, next year, we will be getting in line much earlier. 

The Candlelight Processional is an excellent way to get into the Christmas spirit.  We saw it on December 2nd and it definitely got me excited about Christmas.  The chorus is joined by the wonderful singers of The Voices of Liberty and Neil Patrick Harris adds his own personality into the reading.  I’ve never had a chance to see any of the other narrators, but I am sure DSCN8333they are all enjoyable.  This seasonal show is very popular among Guests, so it is best to either use the dinner package for the reserved seating or get in the stand-by line very early to guarantee you’ll be able to grab a seat in the theater.  My first year, I merely camped out behind the seating area and was able to watch Neil Patrick Harris that way, but with the show being 45+ minutes long, it’s much more enjoyable sitting down for it.  This is a wonderful tradition Epcot has and it is perfect for the entire family.  We had an excellent time and will definitely be making this one of our family’s traditions for years to come! 


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