REVIEW: Colortopia Brings the Science of Color and Interactive Coloring to Epcot!


Epcot is full of interesting things to do around the entire park.  Whether you want to explore the seas with Nemo and his friends, fly through the sky above California with Soarin’ (soon to become Soarin’ Around the World), or learn about the cultures in each of the countries in the World Showcase, there is something for everyone.  One exhibit that is often overlooked by Guests is the Innoventions areas.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve probably walked past them countless times and not even realize it.  In Future World, right past the main fountain and before you reach the bridge to World Showcase, there are two exhibits on either side of you, Innoventions East and Innoventions West.  Inside each of these are typically interactive exhibits that involve learning about something. (Gasp!  Learning at a theme park?)  DSCN8351Innoventions West actually recently closed down all of its exhibits for a major refurbishment.  What’s to replace them, we have yet to be told.  So today, we’re talking about Innoventions East, more specifically, it’s newest addition, Colortopia!

Colortopia, presented by Glidden, opened a couple months ago right past the Sum of All Fears attraction.  It is a moderate size exhibit that is broken up into three different areas.   First, we learn about color and how it affects our bodies.  Then you are taken into two different interactive areas.  The first of which is where you can mix colors with fun interactive games, and the second is a private room where you get to “paint” on interactive coloring screens.  Each area is very unique and fun to experience.

DSCN8352The first room you are taken into is the Power of Color room.  Inside here, the room is bare and all white.  We had no idea what to expect, but then we heard a very familiar voice, Ty Burell from ABC’s Modern Family.  It’s no surprise since Disney is famous for using popular actors of the time to narrate or even star in videos within the attraction or the DSCN8353attraction as a whole.  The room quickly turns to a shade of color.  Here, it is where we learn how color can be used to associate with many common things within our life.  Throughout the 3 minute dialogue, the room transitions from one color to another, showing us how we automatically associate each with an emotion or sensation, such as love or anger for red, calmness or water for blue, etc.  It was an interesting time, but be warned, it can hurt the eyes.


Once you exit Power of Color room, you enter the open area, which contains the Color Mix ‘n’ Match game, as well as the Spinning Spectrums interactive area on the back wall.  This is the first of the two interactive areas for the exhibit.  For the Color Mix ‘n’ Match game, the station shows you a specific color above and at timer begins counting down.  In front of you are three levers, each representing a primary color.  Within the set time, you need to adjust the different levers to try and mix the colors to match the assigned color.  It is definitely harder to do than it sounds, but very fun.  I, unfortunately, found myself standing there trying to remember the proper color mixtures like I was in elementary science class again.  The faster you get the color, the more points you score.  I could’ve spent 20 more minutes just playing this game.  On the back wall is the Spinning Spectrums.  Here, you have the chance to select a wheel which contains two different colors, have it spin, and see how the fast spinning ends up combining both colors forcing your eye to see only once color. For example, the red and blue wheel turns purple.  It is a fun element, but the Mix ‘n’ Match is definitely my choice of the two.


Finally, you enter the last area, Color Our World. In this interactive area, you are explained a bit about colored shadows and how they work with lighting. Then, a Cast Member hands out ‘magical’ paint brushes which we will be using to paint the ‘walls’ in the next room.  After a few words, the paint brushes come alive with color and you are taken into a second room with large screens on the walls, each with a different black and white picture ready for coloring.

In the center of the room are different paint cans, each with a different color.  The way it works is you take your paint brush and ‘dip’ it into the can of whatever color you want to use.  Your paint brush then automatically changes to that color and you can use it on the picture screens.   All you have to do is hold the paint brush close to the screen, and the color transfers to the picture as you move your brush around.  You are given about five minutes or so to paint the different pictures with your brush.  Certain elements in each picture change or move when they are colored. This makes the experience even more fun since you want to just see how everything can change.

The Color Our World area was very fun. Everyone can have a good time in here, regardless of size or age.  Once your time is up, and hopefully you’ve completed your picture with color, you walk out of the room and have the chance to have your work of art emailed to you as a memento!  As you can see below, some of ours didn’t quite get finished, but it was incredibly fun none the less.  Colortopia is an excellent addition to Innoventions at Epcot and definitely something to search out if when you visit the park, especially on a nice hot day!


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