Deadpool: Proof R-Rated Superheros Can Have Their Own Film


Rated: R, Running Time: 108 min.

It’s 2016 and the year of the nerd is upon us. In a year which is jam packed of super hero films we’re all dying to see, I can’t think of a better way to start it off than with Deadpool. A film originally never thought to ever get the green light in a million years due to it being a high risk for the studio thanks to its vulgar content and graphic violence, it succeeds in every way as a faithful comic book adaptation and sets the bar high for 2016!

For years, all I had ever heard about character Deadpool was that most people only liked him because they loved that he broke the fourth wall, often times without them having even read one of his comics.  It was an easy way to claim liking comics without actually partaking in them, if you will.  Now, I only began reading comics just over a year ago, but for the last few months, I’ve been reading Deadpool and really enjoyed his comics, even if the story lines would be a little far out there for me.  None the less, as I saw more clips and trailers for Deadpool,  I got more and more excited for this film, and my expectations were raised and met.

image An important thing for filmmakers to remember when making a comic book film is they must try to remain true to the original material while at the same time making the film accessible for audiences that know absolutely nothing about it.  Deadpool succeeds in this very thing and offers a little bit of everything for all of its viewers; something my fiance can attest to.

The film has probably one of the most unique opening titles sequences I’ve ever seen and uses it to set the tone of the film right from the getgo.  Now, even though this is an origin story film, the director, Tim Miller, did an excellent job with the story’s sequence.  Instead of beginning the movie pre-Deadpool and showing the events in sequential order, Miller took the origin story and used it as flashback sequences to help explain why Deadpool is who is he. Not only does this prevent the movie from being a typical superhero film, but it dramatically helps with pacing and the film never drags, even if it is on the shorter end of superhero films.

Deadpool is full of great characters, a romance story, vulgar humor, and of course extreme violence.  It is a hard-R film and difficult to imagine it being a successful adaption if FOX imagehad tried to make it PG-13.  Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job making sure this film stayed true to its material and it doesn’t shy away in any area.  Deadpool does break the fourth wall in the film, but thankfully, it didn’t feel overdone.  Something fans of the comics were worried would happen.  My personal favorite jokes are when he acknowledges that he is in his own film.  This opens it up to many jokes you really don’t see coming. But fair warning, you’ve already seen many of the jokes in the trailer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them within the film.  However, it is a shame Miller didn’t take advantage of the many takes that were done to allow improv and switch out the trailer jokes for new jokes, or vice versa.  Even with that, there were still plenty of new jokes and surprises that weren’t spoiled already.  In fact, there are so many one-liners that you may miss a few due to the laughter from the audience.

The action/violence is very bloody and cringe worthy if you aren’t good with gore, but it is stylized and well-done. There isn’t blood for the sake of having blood, like some directors imagelike to do.  The plot is one of the simpler plots for a superhero film, straight up revenge and kidnapping, but that doesn’t make the film any less enjoyable.  Another detail that makes Deadpool so unique is the fact that FOX also owns the rights to the X-Men series.  This allows for instant crossover between the franchises with many tongue-in-cheek jokes. Let’s hope this is an indication that we’ll be able to get a full-on X-Men/Deadpool film!  Fingers crossed for ‘another’ Wolverine cameo.

Overall, the film delivers for comic book fans and non-comic book readers alike. It is steadily comical throughout while bringing viewers some true comic book style fight scenes. I’ve always enjoyed Ryan Reynolds as an actor, but this is probably his best film to date.  And we owe him no small thank you for bringing us this great adaptation of a character I never thought I’d see on the big screen.  It was a risk for FOX, but I have no doubt the risk is going to pay off big time! Now, let’s hope we can keep this type of quality up for the rest of the year.  The ball is in your court Batman V. Superman!

My rating: 8.7/10


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