Tangled The Musical Defines Disney Cruise Line Entertainment

Yesterday, I was incredibly lucky to be invited by a friend to experience my first official Media Day event for the Disney company.  Thanks to a lucky raffle, we were invited aboard the Disney Magic, Disney’s first cruise ship, to see their new entertainment addition, Tangled The Musical!  The show originally premiered last November, but it was overseas, so this was a chance for our local news media, theme park websites, and blogs to report on it.

We all met at the Disney offices in Celebration and were bused over to Port Canaveral at 8:45.  In just a short hour, we arrived and checked in at the front desk.  After getting our badges, we received Guest passes since we weren’t official media, and were free to explore the main building lobby.

Soon, they took official media aboard to get settled in the Walt Disney Theatre.  When we were allowed to board shortly after 10:30, we got to see the main lobby and Mickey statue. The lobby of the Walt Disney Theater was adorned with Tangled decorations and we were handed the showbill as we entered.

We headed into the theater, grabbed our seats and began reading the program.  It was amazing how many talented people were a part of this production.  The show began just after 11 and was about an hour long. Only official media could take photos or video so these are professional production photos through Google.

Now, time for my review.  I have personally gone on two Disney cruises in the past, both on the same ship The Disney Dream.  I saw all three of their stage productions – The Golden Mickeys, Villains Tonight, and Believe – and all were very entertaining and of good quality.  However, they were also pretty much what you’d expect. They were about 45 minutes long, if I remember correctly, and entertaining enough, but never really reached that ‘wow’ factor.  Disney always provides quality, but for Tangled The Musical, they have simply outdone themselves!

The new show is based on the hit movie Tangled about Rapenzel leaving her tower for the first time in her life and only runs on the Disney Magic as of now.  It is of professional touring/Broadway quality and will be nothing short of a hit among audiences and fans alike.  In fact, those who love the movie may even see the show multiple times it is that good.

Alan Menken teamed up again with the creators of Tangled and wrote three brand new songs for the show.  Usually, I’m skeptical of new songs added into existing work.  This happens often when a movie is adapted to the stage or a musical adapted to film.  Sometimes, it is used to try and bring fresh breath into it, others, it is to try and win an award for Best New Song.  Even worse so, the songs usually stick out like a sore thumb within the original material, even when written by the original writers.  For Tangled The Musical, this is not the case.  The three songs fit in so perfectly, you’d think they were in the original movie and may even make you wonder why they weren’t!

The sets were wonderful and the singing was spot on.  They used a mixture of real sets and props, special lighting, and projection technology to successfully bring the world of Tangled to life.  Usually, when we see adaptions of films to stage, they’re drawn out to fit that 2 1/2 hour mark, or when it is stage to film, the story gets condensed to fit a 2 hour window for a movie.  And in the case of theme parks, the film gets condensed down to a 20-30 minute production and much of the story is cut out or trimmed down. In Tangled The Musical’s case, about 30 minutes is cut out, but nothing majorly is missing.  We still get the whole movie and almost every scene.  Many of the jokes are still in and all of the characters.  I saw it with a hardcore fan of the film and he said they did an excellent job. I have to agree.  I never once felt like I was missing out on something or was left wanting more.

Flynn Rider is spot on and is sure to make any girl swoon.  Rapunzel is charming as ever and they even managed to have Maximus the horse in the show, performed by a single puppeteer. Unfortunately, one character didn’t make the cut and that was Pascal.  I was hoping we would get to see him in one way or another, but he never makes an appearance.

The song numbers are beautiful and the Snuggly Duckling scene with the song I’ve Got a Dream gives the Beauty and the Beast’s stage production of Gaston a run for its money.  Throughout the show, characters run up and down the audience aisles which does an excellent job immersing you into the story and I See the Light will bring a tear to your eye with how beautiful the scene was done. Tangled The Musical is a must-see for any Disney fan and a perfect addition to the Disney Cruise Line.  Now if only we could get it in the parks!



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