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Throwback Thursday: Streets of America and More

DSCN8987Disney has officially broken ground on Star Wars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and hopefully Toy Story Land as well soon.  In order for these lands to come to fruition, Disney had to close a lot of land at the Studios park to pave way.  This included Streets of America, Lights, Motors, Action car stunt show, Studio Catering Co and its neighboring merchandise shop, plus Star Wars store Watto’s Grotto, which was set up temporarily inside the exit of the shuttered Studio Backlot Tour, the Monsters Inc. meet & greet, and even Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie-Set Adventure play ground.  For many, parts of these areas were classics Read the rest of this entry


Boston Bachelor Party Trip Report

DSCN9197At the beginning of April, I was lucky enough to have my bachelor party in Boston, MA. Samuel Adams is my favorite brand of beer, so I thought it would be fun to tour the brewery, bar hop and sample craft beers, see some historical sites if we had time, and top off the night by seeing Blue Man Group.  It was only a single weekend with all of the activities happening on Saturday.

To start the day off, we all had transportation issues. Thanks to airport security, two of us missed our flight up to Boston. Others had their road trip into the city take longer than expected, and our first few Uber drivers took us to the wrong locations. Due to all of this problems at the beginning, time ran tight and we didn’t get a chance to see historical sites, but we still Read the rest of this entry