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Everything that’s Debuting at Walt Disney World Over the Next Month!

Disney-Animal-Kingdom_Tree-of-LifeFriday was a busy day for Walt Disney World as they announced opening and premiere dates for all new attractions at all four parks. Here’s the run down in date order!

First up is Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Beginning Friday, May 27th, Summer Awakens at the park as it begins its first ever nighttime offerings for Guests! Premiering on this day is the Kilimanjaro Safaris Nighttime Safaris, Tree of Life Awakenings, as well as the “Wildlife Parti,” a lively party with singers, dancers, and musicians in the Harambe Marketplace, and the Discovery Island Carnivale, where the spirited community of the Island comes together to celebrate their love of the natural world. Read the rest of this entry


Universal Orlando’s Top 10 Character Meet & Greets


One of the many reasons people from all over the world visit Walt Disney World is to meet their favorite Disney character(s).  For many, meeting a Disney Princess or Mickey Mouse imagehas become a rite of passage.  It is such an incredibly popular thing to do, that Guests will wait three to four hours just to meet a certain character. (I’m looking at you, Elsa.)  But did you know that just down the street at another equally amazing theme park resort, Universal Orlando also has some pretty amazing character meet & greets?  Even better is most of them rarely have a long wait time, if any.  Many even just wander through the streets instead of having a specific location set up for them, which allows you to walk up and grab a quick photo! A few can even rival some of Disney’s!

Now, even though Universal Orlando Resort isn’t quite as big as Walt Disney World, theytumblr_nu803iCCzg1rql53mo2_1280 still have a decent number of meet & greets in both of their parks.  If you count out all of the characters you can meet, meaning each one or grouping you’d have to wait for separately, there are more than 30 overall, which is actually pretty amazing considering there are only two parks!

Universal Orlando has a wide variety of ways to meet their characters. Some characters meet in large groups, such as the Simpsons, and others fly solo, like Beetlejuice; some all come out to meet together, but you have to meet each one separately, like the Marvel or Dr. Seuss characters, and some all share a single meet & greet area, such as the Transformers! Everyone has a favorite character but here are our picks for the top 10 best meet & greets at Universal Orlando Resort. Read the rest of this entry

The Top 5 Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

I’ve been running this blog for just over a year now and have decided to finally start writing a new type of articles: lists!  Everyone loves a good list of things.  Whether its restaurants to sample, rides to try, the best drinks to buy, hidden gems you may not know about, or even things you may NOT want to do.  One of the best things at Walt Disney World is its food offerings.  From full service restaurants, whether they be over-the-top theming or signature dining, to quick service restaurants, and from lounges to food carts, everyone has a favorite!  I have multiple in many locations.  I can’t think of a better way to start these new articles than to list my picks for Magic Kingdom’s Top 5 table service restaurants! Read the rest of this entry

REVIEW: The Skipper Canteen: A Knock Out for the Magic Kingdom


For months now, I have wanted to try Magic Kingdom’s newest restaurant, the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD. Skipper Canteen, or just the Skipper Canteen for short.  It opened not too long ago, back in December and has since been of slight controversy among Guests in the parks and for good reason but not in a negative way! As everyone knows, Magic Kingdom is the most popular theme park in the world, that isn’t an exaggeration, it is fact.  It is a family oriented destination and therefore caters to that audience in every way possible, including the food. Now, in no way, shape, or form does Magic Kingdom have bad table service restaurants by any means, but up until a few years ago when Be Our Guest opened in the Fantasyland expansion, all of the restaurants pretty much featured the similar, American type fare which is incredibly family friendly.  Again, this doesn’t mean the food is bad, but at times, it could leave adult Guests wanting Read the rest of this entry

Captain America: Civil War – Could It Be the Best Comic Book Film Ever Made?

CeamOPoWQAARzqmMarvel recently celebrated eight years of making their cinematic universe which started with Iron Man way back in 2008.  Since then, they’ve produced 12 successful films broken up into two phases, with each phase introducing new characters and further progressing an underlying connected storyline.  This weekend, Captain America: Civil War, the third entry into the Captain America franchise, opened in theaters and began phase three for the MCU, which will be the longest yet at ten possible films!  The film is based on the incredibly famous Civil War comic book series run, which ran for only seven issues itself, but crossed over into so many other Marvel comic series and affected numerous superheroes and villains, the entire run actually lasts more than 100 issues!  Of course, thanks to several movie studios owning the rights to other Marvel characters, such as the Read the rest of this entry