Photo Report: World of Coco-Cola is Perfect for Families and Collectors, Plus Tastes Around the World!

imageThe World of Coca-Cola at Disney Springs opened this past Saturday and we finally got a chance to check the new store and get a LOT of photos.  The store is awesome.  It’s modeled after an old Coca-Cola factory from the 1920’s (the brick building) and the green glass on the outside represents the classic green glass bottles.  The area is spacious and has plenty of merchandise to choose from if you’re a Coke fan.  The building has three floors.  The first two are dedicated to merchandise and the third is the rooftop soda bar where you can purchase beverages, samples, or floats.  That part is at the very bottom, so feel free to scroll down.  But if you’re a merchandise whore like me, please enjoy the many photos I snapped earlier today!  The store is incredibly fun to look around in and, shockingly, we couldn’t find a single thing we felt was over priced.  In fact, every thing seemed very well priced and inexpensive!  It makes me tempted to become a Coca-Cola collector. 

The first floor is mostly dedicated to clothing and little trinkets.  If you’re looking for any of that, I can guarantee you’ll find a design just for you.   The 30 ft wide chandelier is made from blown-glass repurposed Coca‑Cola bottles and greets you as you enter.

You can get some clothing representing the Orlando store, or find a shirt showcasing a specific country.  I thought this was very neat.  There is plenty of Orlando specific merchandise, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Some very awesome logo shirts.

On the main table you’ll see as you enter, there is a lot of merchandise made from recycled materials.  The one set of purses are made from can tabs.

For the collectors out there, inaugural dress and shirts!  There are plenty of hats to choose from. The one below is made from a thin cork!  They also have watches, wallets, and a backpack.

Lots and lots of trinkets.  Plenty of fun bottle openers to choose from, and magnets.  They even have a mouse pad!

Moving up to the second floors, this where you’ll find the decorations, toys, and kitchen items.  These things are more my cup of tea.  Below are wall decorations.  Considering we are at Disney Springs, everything was incredibly well priced!  The tin signs being under $20~

The Coke Bottle ice cube tray is one of my favorite items I found.  $7.95 if I recall. Olus, more bottle openers, and even wall-mount ones.

Onward to the kitchen items.  The glassware is also incredibly fair!  Sets ranging from $10-$20 depending on how big the set is.  Love the glasses that look like Coke cans and the four piece glass set with each soda label on it.  If you want more old school glasses, you can get a set of the glasses you might find at a restaurant, in the green or clear glass. They also have plenty of tumbler cups for the fans out there.

There is a lot of kitchen items.  Dish towels, oven mitts, dishware.  You can probably find anything you’re looking for.  If you don’t want to buy a set of the glasses, you can buy them in singles.  From what we saw, they were under $5 each.

If you’re a collector, these next photos are for you! The first two photos are shelves of Coca-Cola bottles with designer sleeves on them.  I guess you can buy them to drink, but they’re more to put on a shelf.  I personally liked the polar bear ones, but I’m always partial to Coca-Cola at Christmas. They also have these red and silver bottles which are hardcore collector items.  Limited edition, only 500 of each made, cost $30! A fair price for collectors.  Thankfully, I’m not a Coke collector or I would’ve bought 2!

There is also the evolution of the Coca-Cola bottle and the Glass Crystal collectors bottle for $100.  Again, I felt this was a fair price all things considering.

One of my favorite things of Coca-Cola is their Christmas stuff.  Classic Santa Claus never gets old to me!  They also have classic car toys/models for purchase.

And plenty of polar bear items.  To answer your question, yes, we are getting a polar bear meet and greet in a few months!

Need a phone charger? Coke has you covered.  They have multiple designs!  Heading up to the rooftop, you get a gorgeous view of Disney Springs. It is covered, so no need to fear bad weather.

This is a great place to enjoy a nice cold soda! As you can see, the prices are still cheaper than the movie theater, with Freestyle being only slightly more expensive.  Even a regular sized float is well priced!  We were shocked and well pleased.

Now for the main reason most people will visit the World of Coca-Cola! The Tastes of the World!  You can purchase just the two trays of World Tastes for $8, the float tray for $8.50, or the combo of both for $14!  So why not both, like seriously?  It’s a steal!  The cups are much larger than what you get at Club Cool inside Epcot and it’s well worth the money as you can see below.  It’s pretty much designed for sharing, so bring friends!


The Tastes of the World comes with a nice little pamphlet listing each drink. You may be wondering if there are any repeats from Club Cool.  I looked up the most recent list I could find and see that only the Beverly (Italy) and Inca Kola (Peru) are at both places.  So everything else is brand, spanking new.  At least for Walt Disney World.  As for the floats, they comprise of all the common Coke sodas we know: Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, Barq’s Root Beer, Fanta Grape, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Pibb Xtra, and (a new one for me) Barq’s Red Cream Soda.  The floats are made with Haagen Daaz ice cream and, of course, are delicious.  The Barq’s Red Cream Soda was my favorite (besides the classic Coke and Root Beer).

Moving onto the Tastes of the World.  This is always a fun experience.  Whether it’s here or in Club Cool at Epcot’s Future World.  It is always a great time sampling worldly flavors which others find appealing and discovering if their tastes match ours.  You get two trays with this and the nice booklet labeling each of the cups, which is most helpful.  There were two of us sampling all of these drinks and we didn’t come close to finishing.  I’d recommend doing this with a party of four!  As I mentioned, only the Beverly and Inca Kola have been brought over from Epcot’s Club Cool for this.  The other 14 flavors are new, so I highly recommend trying this out!

I did take notes of what each flavor tasted like, but where’s the fun if I divulge all of that for you?  However, I will tell you my favorites.  The Sunfill Mint was quite interesting and refreshing, although not highly carbonated.  The Fanta Apple Kiwi (most straight forward name ever) was probably my favorite of them all.  I found it to be quite delicious.  Bonaqua Fruits Apple Pear (another straight forward name) was also great.  My friend didn’t like it, but he also doesn’t like apples…or pears… and is apparently a monster.  And then the Delaware Punch was quite interesting and reminded me of home because it tasted like a snowball flavor I used to know.


Most of the flavors are good, some a great, and some a terrifying.  Mums the word.  The fun is finding out for yourself!   This activity is aboslutely perfect for families.  It is inexpensive. For only $14, it’s perfect to share. And it’ll bring loads of memories for you while you same flavors around the world.  As you can see below, not every flavor is a winner, but again, that’s half the fun.

Not knocking Disney Springs whatsoever, but at a place that is full of restaurants and bars, this is a perfect, family-friendly option for all ages.  I couldn’t recommend this more for everyone. And beginning in just a few days, they will begin serving adult milkshakes as well!  Even more of a reason for me to return and sample more.  The view is gorgeous and even on a hot day, they had big fans running, so we were perfectly comfortable sitting up there relaxing.  The World of Coca-Cola is a must see for anyone visiting Disney Springs and it’s sure to become a favorite store among many Guests!

Thanks for reading and following our Disney adventures!


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