Photo Report: Anna & Elsa’s Royal Sommerhus

imageSo if you haven’t heard by now, Norway in the World Showcase at Epcot has gained two new members to its home: Princess Anna and Queen Elsa!  That’s right.  They have officially moved from meeting at the Magic Kingdom inside Princess Fairytale Hall and back to their original location of Norway.  Except now they have a swanky new summer house/cabin, or should I say sommerhus, to meet Guests in which is rightfully named Royal Sommerhus.  It’s located directly to the left of the actual Norway pavilion which is now home to the new attraction, Frozen Ever After.  So before or after you ride the Maelstrom makeover, you can meet Anna and Elsa for the first or tenth time!  And  now in about half the time too, or less.   I’ve read reports though that the question remains, is it Norway, or is it Arendelle?  Whatever the case, the new addition is gorgeous with its many details and fits right in with the Norway pavilion.

If I remember correctly, the cabin is based on a real life location from Norway, which is actually pretty cool.  I especially love the mountain work behind it.  They do have some temp queue line set up outside for expected crowded, but I imagine that won’t last too long as most of the queue is actually inside (thank God).  When we went, it was only a 25 minute wait!

The queue begins in the living room I suppose and winds its way through multiple hallways and rooms.  As you can see, the detail is exquisite and there is plenty to look at and observe while waiting.  Keep an eye out for the Maelstrom tapestry which is amazing to see.  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy and hang it in my own house.  #ClassicDisney

Eventually, you come to the meet room where they sort you into groups.  Which door will you go through? Whose to say!   But upon walking in, you’ll see Anna and Elsa still (tragically) don’t meet together.   But each of their areas are specifically themed to them, which I found awesome.  They each have their own themed rug and background. #DetialWhore

The PhotoPass attendant was kind enough to take all of our bags and place them on the other end of the room so we didn’t have to worry about them until after we were finished meeting Anna and Elsa.  Elsa looks probably the best I’ve ever seen her.  Partly in reason why I’ve never bothered to meet her.  But Anna was cute as her. (She in my top three favorite princesses.) Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with either of them.  Anna especially will talk your ear off.

And of course, after you finish meeting Anna and Elsa, you exit into a glorious gift shop.  Here, Guests can find plenty of Frozen merchandise to meet their needs.  I especially like the baby Sven in the blanket.

So if you’re ever wondering where to meet Disney’s most popular princess and Queen, head on over to Norway in Epcot where you’re sure to get your fill of Frozen fun!

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