Rogue One Puts the War in Star Wars

636146859246950936-r1-imax-oversize-1-sht-v1-lgOK everyone, no screwing around.  This will be a hardcore spoiler free review of Rogue One.  No character reveals, no plot points, hell, not even talking about locations.  This is just about the film as a whole, its quality, etc.  All you need to know about the film is it takes place before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and it’s about a group of rebels setting out to steal the plans to the Death Star was which briefly mentioned at the beginning of Episode IV.  Done.

So let’s cut to the chase.  Rogue One could very well be the best Star Wars film to date.  If it isn’t, it’s damn well close to it! I know everyone has their favorite.  The hardcore fans love Empire, and I personally love Sith due to its tragic downfall story line, but holy hell, this movie was incredible.  They pulled it off!  WE GOT A WAR STAR WARS MOVIE and its practically perfect in every way. 

First, let’s talk about the flaws, if you can even call them flaws.  The beginning of the film is a bit choppy editing wise.  There were so many quick cuts of scenes between characters and locations, I started hoping the entire film wasn’t going to be like this.  And thank God, it pulls itself together after about 20 minutes; the rest of the film is just fine (and there’s no slideshow scene changes!)  My other main (minor) complaint was the labeling in the film.  Not because they were, but because it became inconsistent.  As mentioned, the film jumps around a lot at the beginning, but each location is clearly stated in subtitles on the screen. This happens for the rest of the film…except a few instances.  And it literally made me wonder, did they forget?  Am I supposed to know where we are now?  One moment happened in a key scene which took place on a familiar looking planet, but I couldn’t be sure if it was supposed to be one we’d seen before (with significance) or another planet similar to it.   But as I said, these are minor complaints in a movie that’s practically perfect.  So, moving on.


If you thought The Force Awakens had the feel of the original trilogy, you ain’t seen nothing yet!  Rogue One brings back the original trilogy in all its glory and more!  We see sets that look like they could have been pulled straight from Episodes IV-VI. The characters are memorable just as they should be.  We have the perfect mixture humor, action, and drama!  AND, if you read my Fantastic Beasts review, you’ll know I was hoping these solo films would open up the Star Wars universe even more for us and Rogue One definitely succeeds in that!


Also, this is the first Star Wars film without a score by John Williams. (Gasp, how will we go one?!?!)  Have no fear! Michael Giacchino does an excellent job here balancing his own style with that of the themes and style of the Star Wars universe we know oh so well.  He’s most recently scored the Star Trek films and Doctor Strange (which I heard the Star Trek theme in) and while I loved both scores, I was worried he wouldn’t be able to separate Trek from Rogue One, but he does and it’s beautiful.


Basically, what I’m trying to say is I LOVED THIS MOVIE and yes, it’s better than The Force Awakens!  Rogue One is pretty much perfect with very few flaws.  It’s dark, it’s gritty.  The acting is great and the characters are spot on (there’s definitely going to be audience favorites).  The visuals are superb and the story line is enthralling.  It has great comedic moments, intense war scenes (hell the entire movie is a war scene), and dramatic moments (yep, I cried).  This movie fits in perfectly between Episodes III and IV and (to the best of my ability from trying to find one) leaves no plot holes or questions!  They did it.  They succeeded and I can’t wait to see it again!



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