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19 Attractions That Could “Fix” Epcot

image1-2-1-900x1200Walt Disney World’s newest attraction, Frozen Ever After and its adjoining area, Royal Summerhus, recently opened in Epcot’s World Showcase Norway (Arendelle?) pavilion. When Disney announced the changing of the Maelstrom to Frozen Ever After, it was highly controversial. I recently wrote an article about why it still it is, but also why I think it’s exactly what Epcot needed. Imagine, if you will, Epcot evolving to include more Disney characters throughout its park; not only in Future World like we’ve seen with The Seas with Nemo & Friends, but also adding other new rides throughout Future World and the World Showcase! It’s a pretty wild idea if you consider what the original intentions of Epcot were all about.

Currently, there are 18 ride and show attractions at Epcot, plus multiple character meet & greets and live entertainment located throughout the park. 12 of those attractions have FastPass+ availability, with 5 being in Tier 1 of the grouping (meaning Guests can only select 1 attraction from this tier) and the rest in Tier 2. This isn’t a terrible thing when you compare it to Hollywood Studios, which has the same amount of attractions for each Tier. However, there is a problem that exists at Epcot specifically. For most of the time throughout the year, extremely busy days being the exception, half of these FastPass+ attractions do not actually need a FastPass to ride/experience in a timely manner. And that number increases if you go to a few other of these attractions at certain times of the day, making you wonder why they even offer FastPasses for these attractions. Read the rest of this entry


Frozen Ever After Could Be the Savior of Epcot

9d1385fbb6149b9f37ac0aac45e8be63EPCOT – Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.  Once envisioned by Walt himself as a working and living community always working towards the future and improving upon itself, the concept was soon adapted to a theme park shortly after his death and opened on October 1, 1982 as EPCOT Center.  The park was split into two parts: the front half named Future World and the back the World Showcase. Since its opening, Future World has always set out be celebrate technology and communication, among other things, while the World Showcase promotes world culture and helps Guests learn about countries through their exhibits, food & drinks, and perhaps even an attraction such as a boat ride or video.

Up until recent years, Epcot has remained pretty unique from the other Disney parks. 20640a6cdf23a8a30962e679a086e262Many may not remember, but when the park first opened, Mickey wasn’t even meant to be in the park, which is what incidentally created the Hidden Mickey. Eventually that changed and the Fab 5 did get a meet and greet and soon enough, you could meet other Disney characters throughout the park, such as Marie in France and Snow White in Germany. This was all fine because the original attractions remained intact.

Then, in the late 2000s, Disney began incorporating Disney characters into existing attractions. One of the most notable ones is The Living Seas pavilion. In 2007, it was over hauled and became The Seas with Finding Nemo & Friends. The attraction reopened with characters from Finding Nemo interwoven into the ride. It was a slightly controversial change. Many Guests found the addition/changes appalling, while others found it to living-seasbreathe fresh life into the dated attraction.

It’s no secret Epcot is broken as a theme park. Buildings once used for attractions now stand empty and deserted, or are only used for seasonal events such as the Flower & Garden Festival. The park severely lacks in the number of attractions it has, with only two (soon to be three) true E-ticket options making FastPass+ a nightmare for the park. Ironically, most of the other attractions, you don’t even need FastPass for because not many Guests ride them unless the park is very busy. And many of the attractions the park has are dated or in a serious need of a refurbishment. Read the rest of this entry

New Sunset Showcase Venue at Hollywood Studios Will Open with a Dance Party, but Do We Really Need Another?

HS        A month ago or so, Disney announced they were constructing a new theater in the Sunset Blvd area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Speculation instantly began about what the theater would host.  Could the Studios park be getting a new show? Or will an existing show transfer to allow construction for Star Wars Land and/or Toy Story Land to begin next year.  Shortly after, Disney posted a call sheet for actors/actresses who possess similar physical traits to certain Disney villains.  Speculation continued. Read the rest of this entry

Rumor Mill: Voyage of the Little Mermaid Could be Closing Next and Why

star-wars-land-theme-park-promoRUMOR MILL: Oh how I love theme park rumors. It can be so much fun debating, wondering, and theorizing what may or may not happen. We all know that Star Wars land is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with construction beginning early 2016. It’s a fact. And for those of you who hate that Star Wars is getting an even bigger presence in the Disney parks for reasons claiming it isn’t Disney, I have news for you, Star Wars has been a part of the Disney parks for longer than Pixar has even been owned by Disney. Yes, we seem to forget that Star Tours opened in Disneyland in 1987, Read the rest of this entry