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Rogue One Puts the War in Star Wars

636146859246950936-r1-imax-oversize-1-sht-v1-lgOK everyone, no screwing around.  This will be a hardcore spoiler free review of Rogue One.  No character reveals, no plot points, hell, not even talking about locations.  This is just about the film as a whole, its quality, etc.  All you need to know about the film is it takes place before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and it’s about a group of rebels setting out to steal the plans to the Death Star was which briefly mentioned at the beginning of Episode IV.  Done.

So let’s cut to the chase.  Rogue One could very well be the best Star Wars film to date.  If it isn’t, it’s damn well close to it! I know everyone has their favorite.  The hardcore fans love Empire, and I personally love Sith due to its tragic downfall story line, but holy hell, this movie was incredible.  They pulled it off!  WE GOT A WAR STAR WARS MOVIE and its practically perfect in every way.  Read the rest of this entry


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Best Harry Potter Film?

fantasticbeastsposterIf you haven’t guessed it yet, the Harry Potter franchise is here to stay.  It arrived with books, which were then adapted into eight films.  Universal got the rights and  made the films reality creative ground breaking lands at their theme parks around the world.  J.K. Rowling even created Pottermore to help fans delve deeper into the wizarding universe.  But fans always want more, and J.K. Rowling delivered with Fantastic Beasts – a brand new movie series revolving around Newt Scamander, the author of the book the movie is named after which is used in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

In this first film of what we now know will be five, we’re introduced to Newt Scamander in 1926 who is traveling from England to America with a ‘suitcase’ full of magical creatures.  His main purpose for visiting is to meet up with a famous magic creature breeder.  However, due to America’s strict wizarding laws magical creatures are forbidden.  But it doesn’t take long for chaos to ensue as one of his creatures sneaks out of his suitcase.  While Newt tries to Read the rest of this entry

Suicide Squad: Screw the Critics

suicide-squad-poster-bigYea, I know the title is ironic because I’m writing my own review and thus becoming a critic myself, but read it anyway. Also, this review will be as spoiler free as possible since the trailers left quite a bit of the plot out of them, so no worries.  This is definitely of one my longer reviews, so if it’s too much for you to read, there is a TL:DR recap at the end.

ffdsfsSo let’s get started. If you don’t know much about Suicide Squad, one of the easiest comparisons and ways to explain it is it is basically DC’s version of Guardians of the Galaxy. Bare bones, it’s a handful of bad guys brought together to team up to do some good. And yet, it’s so much more. Directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad is DC’s third installment into their cinematic universe. In the film, Amanda Waller, played by the lovely Viola Davis, has assembled a team of the worst of the worst; “bad guys” with unique Read the rest of this entry

Star Trek Beyond is Worthy of Its Two Predecessors

startrekbeyondposterI’m sure just like me, you were a bit worried about the third entry of the new Star Trek series after seeing its first trailer. Gone was the majestic music, now replaced with a Beastie Boys song. It lacked any hint of plot and story, and seemed as if they were just trying to put Fast and Furious into space. All seemed lost thanks to Justin Lin at the helm.

Thankfully, after some reshoots, the 2nd and 3rd trailers were leaps and bounds better and it looked like we finally had a Star Trek movie worthy of the first two. And as much as it shocks me to say this… it is actually the best entry of all three Star Trek films in this new series.

The newest entry into the Star Trek series is directed by Justin Lin, known for his four Fast and Furious installments. I have to admit, I was quite worried when the reins of this hugely successful JJ Abrams series was handed over to Read the rest of this entry

The Secret Life of Pets May Be the Best Animated Film of the Year

Secret-Life-of-Pets-posterI’ve been excited for The Secret Life of Pets since I saw the first teaser trailer last year. It ranked high on my list of most anticipated films of the summer (above Finding Nemo) and my expectations were high. Then I saw the first trailer detailing the plot and was a bit disappointed because it seemed a bit unoriginal. Alas, I remained optimistic for the film because the trailers still made me laugh and I had hopes there was more to it than just two dogs getting lost in the city needing to find their way home.  And I wasn’t disappointed!

The film begins with Max, voiced by Louis C.K., and his owner Katie.  Life is perfect and all he ever wants to do be with Katie.  In fact, when she leaves for the day, he chooses to sit and wait by the door for her to, which we soon learn this is actually the complete opposite of what our pets do when we leave them at home all day alone.  We are quickly introduced to many new characters as we see them leave their homes to hang out with each other.  But soon, Max’s world is turned upside down when Katie brings home a new dog named Duke, voiced by Eric Stonestreet.  Unsurprisingly, the two don’t get along too well and Duke tries to get rid of Max in an alley which is when their big adventure begins. Read the rest of this entry

Swiss Army Man: The Most Creative and Unique Film of the Year

swa_86_onlineNo joke, I saw the trailer for Swiss Army Man LAST week and knew I just had to see it.  The concept was just mind blowing for me, and the fact that one of my favorite actors, Paul Dano, was in it made me want to see it even more.  He is an actor who chooses his projects very carefully and I have yet to see him in a film I haven’t liked, so when I know he’s in a movie, I know it’s one I need to see.

If you haven’t seen this trailer, or even heard of this film (because I hadn’t before last week), it is a Sundance indie film about a man named Hank (Dano) about to kill himself while stranded on an island.  Just before, he notices a body on the shore, played by none other than Daniel Radcliffe.  Yea, that got my attention as well.  Eventually, he learns that Radcliffe’s body can do amazing things.  We see in the trailer that he can feed him water, shoot gas out of his body as a propeller, and even launch items from his mouth in a forceful manner to use as a weapon.  And trust me, there’s even more he can do! Hence the name, Swiss Army Man.  Read the rest of this entry

The Purge: Election Year Focuses More on Thrill & Suspense than Shock & Gore


Ever since The Purge was released in 2013, I thought it was an incredible idea for a horror film.  For starters, it was bone chilling because of the possibility of it becoming reality somewhere in a future dystopian society.  It was smart and simple, and genius because if they wanted to, they could continue making sequels telling different stories of others involved in a night of purging; whether it be the same night or different years.  Plus I’m a sucker for a well done slasher film.  The sequel, Anarchy, came out one year later and while trying to move the series to a grander scale, it proved to be less attractive.  The film focused more on shock value and the plot was incredibly unfocused.  It was a lot of them throwing everything at the wall to see what stuck; not much did.

Here we are two years later, me once again excited for the third installment.  Naming it Election Year is arguably a stroke of marketing genius, and the film was marketed as much of the same, revealing little to the plot.  (Spoiler alert: There are actually no references to Trump or Hilary whatsoever.) Well, low and behold, plot has returned and in full force! Read the rest of this entry

The Shallows Finally Brings Back the Suspense in a Shark Thriller


Being honest, I didn’t want to see this film.  Brutally honest, I generally don’t want to see most new horror films because they tend to be huge let downs.  Plus they tend only be about ghosts and demons and I prefer the slasher flicks.  But my friend whose opinion I trust on horror films saw it and told me I should see this, so I did.  And while he said it was equal to, if not better than Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws, it definitely didn’t disappoint. (P.S.  It’s not better than Jaws.)

The-ShallowsThis is easily the first shark movie since Jaws (Jaws 2?) that doesn’t make a complete joke of the idea.  (Don’t worry Deep Blue Sea, you’ll always have a place in my heart <3)  The Shallows is all about a woman who has traveled to a very specific beach in Mexico in memory of her passed mother who visited it after she had learned she was pregnant.  Nancy, our main character, played by Blake Lively, is a surfer and has traveled all this way to experience the amazing waves.  After meeting some new friends, she decides to catch the last few on her own.  Soon after, she discovers a mutilated whale and that’s when the suspense begins. Read the rest of this entry

Finding Dory Restores My Faith in Pixar

9213755_origI’ve decided to try something new. Normally, I only write movie reviews if I’m able to see the film on it’s opening weekend, thinking what’s the point after that? However, sometimes, life can get in the way of me getting to the theater on its opening weekend or it’s a film I’m not jumping to see, but it still deserves a review. So here is my review for Finding Dory, which I saw just the other day.

Finding Dory is the Pixar sequel we definitely didn’t need, but I’m pretty happy we got. I’m not going to lie. I was mildly worried about this film for two reasons. 1) What I just stated. Finding Nemo was great as just a standalone film and didn’t need a sequel whatsoever. Adding on, it could be argued as franchise grabbing. (Hi, Cars and Cars 2 and Cars 3.) And 2) The Good Dinosaur, which I was incredibly excited for, ended up largely disappointing me in many ways, as you can read about here. But in the end, Finding Dory surpassed my expectations and made for a very enjoyable film. Read the rest of this entry

Captain America: Civil War – Could It Be the Best Comic Book Film Ever Made?

CeamOPoWQAARzqmMarvel recently celebrated eight years of making their cinematic universe which started with Iron Man way back in 2008.  Since then, they’ve produced 12 successful films broken up into two phases, with each phase introducing new characters and further progressing an underlying connected storyline.  This weekend, Captain America: Civil War, the third entry into the Captain America franchise, opened in theaters and began phase three for the MCU, which will be the longest yet at ten possible films!  The film is based on the incredibly famous Civil War comic book series run, which ran for only seven issues itself, but crossed over into so many other Marvel comic series and affected numerous superheroes and villains, the entire run actually lasts more than 100 issues!  Of course, thanks to several movie studios owning the rights to other Marvel characters, such as the Read the rest of this entry