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Chef Tony Mantuano restaurant coming to Disney Springs, Portobello not returning

My suspicions were correct!  I hope you got your chance to say goodbye to Portobello at Disney Springs because it has been confirmed to not be returning at the end of its originally announced refurbishment.  Just like Fulton’s Crab House, the restaurant will be undergoing a full make-over and be coming back with a brand new name, menu, and from the looks of it, will look a bit different as well.

The Portobello restaurant at Disney Springs closed last week for what was originally announced to be a half year’s refurbishment.  It was to be coming back with a newly redesigned menu featuring family-style offerings and new Italian craft beers and wines. Read the rest of this entry


DisneyQuest Officially Closing July 3rd! The NBA Experience On Its Way.


Well, it finally came true.  DisneyQuest is officially closing forever on July 3rd to ~ eventually ~ make way for The NBA Experience!  Originially announced in 2015 to much shock and confusion, the project went silent only months later and was thought to have died.  And yet, here we are a year later, again surprised to find out the project is alive and well.  Read the rest of this entry

Our List of Most Anticipated Attractions for 2017


Well 2016 has come and gone and what a year it was for Florida theme parks.  Both Busch Gardens and SeaWorld premiered outstanding coasters for their parks.  Universal Orlando managed to bring Kong back home, but to incredibly mixed reviews.  And Disney was all over the place with new shows at almost every park (some good, some awful), a new and revamped  E-Ticket attraction  for Epcot, an attempt to make Animal Kingdom a night time park, and new Star Wars offerings at Hollywood Studios including an incredibly impressive fireworks spectacular!

Now, with 2017 here, we have a number of things to anticipate at locations across Florida!  Ranging from VR roller coasters to new attractions and technologically advanced lands to an entire water park, this coming year should be quite exciting.  So here is our count down of what we’re most looking forward to seeing in 2017! Read the rest of this entry

Starbright Holidays – Full Show, Photos, and Review!

img_6874Disney is trying really hard to turn Disney Springs into a full out destination for Guests and I have to admit, they’re doing a pretty good job. Filled with shops and restaurants of all kinds, live entertainment, and two brand new addition for this Christmas season – The Christmas Tree Trail and now this amazing drone show called Starbright Holidays.

The show features 300 flying drones displaying LED lights as they soar over the lake next to Disney Springs.  Throughout the show, the drones form different shapes in the sky, such as a Christmas tree and an angel, all while flying to an original Disney arrangement of classic holiday songs, which were recorded by a full orchestra.  It should be noted this is the first time a drone show of this caliber has ever been performed in the U.S. Read the rest of this entry

The Christmas Tree Trail is a Perfect Christmas Addition to Disney Springs


This year, Disney Springs added a brand new attraction to its area for this holiday season.  Located at the very east end of the Marketplace where the bus stops used to be is the Christmas Tree Trail.  This is a simple walk through attraction featuring multiple Christmas trees each decorated to represent a specific Disney character or film.  It is completely free and a perfect attraction for the entire family.  When you walk through, they play a wide variety of Christmas songs and even make it snow from above!

Last night, we got to experience this great Christmas attraction and take photos of everything. While I’m not sure how popular this will prove to be as I haven’t seen it heavily advertised and it wasn’t very crowded when we walked through, I’m hoping all of that changes and this attraction returns for next year! Read the rest of this entry

Photo Report: World of Coco-Cola is Perfect for Families and Collectors, Plus Tastes Around the World!

imageThe World of Coca-Cola at Disney Springs opened this past Saturday and we finally got a chance to check the new store and get a LOT of photos.  The store is awesome.  It’s modeled after an old Coca-Cola factory from the 1920’s (the brick building) and the green glass on the outside represents the classic green glass bottles.  The area is spacious and has plenty of merchandise to choose from if you’re a Coke fan.  The building has three floors.  The first two are dedicated to merchandise and the third is the rooftop soda bar where you can purchase beverages, samples, or floats.  That part is at the very bottom, so feel free to scroll down.  But if you’re a merchandise whore like me, please enjoy the many photos I snapped earlier today!  The store is incredibly fun to look around in and, shockingly, we couldn’t find a single thing we felt was over priced.  In fact, every thing seemed very well priced and inexpensive!  It makes me tempted to become a Coca-Cola collector.  Read the rest of this entry

REVIEW: Morimoto Asia Has Something for Everyone at Disney Springs!

imageI finally had the chance to try Morimoto Asia for the first time after hearing rave reviews from Guests, friends, and family and I have to say it is absolutely fabulous. I haven’t had high-end Asian food many times in my life. Normally I’m stuck with the Chinese takeout. But I can promise you, I will be returning to Morimoto Asia because there is even more on the menu I want to try. I might even try their, dare I say it, sushi. *Audible gasp* So let’s get to it.

We didn’t have a reservation the day we went, so we took a chance and checked in at the Host podium. It was only a 15-20 minute wait and we decided to wait because they have a great lounge space for you to relax in while you wait for your table. Read the rest of this entry

2015: A Year in Review of Announced Attractions

           2015 has been quite the year for theme park announcements. All of the major chains in Florida are currently building large attractions which are scheduled to be open in 2016, and even more set to open in 2017 and beyond! It’s an exciting time to be here in Orlando, that’s for sure. With the year coming to an end, I figured we should take a look back at all of the upcoming attractions that were announced throughout 2015. Read the rest of this entry