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Our List of Most Anticipated Attractions for 2017


Well 2016 has come and gone and what a year it was for Florida theme parks.  Both Busch Gardens and SeaWorld premiered outstanding coasters for their parks.  Universal Orlando managed to bring Kong back home, but to incredibly mixed reviews.  And Disney was all over the place with new shows at almost every park (some good, some awful), a new and revamped  E-Ticket attraction  for Epcot, an attempt to make Animal Kingdom a night time park, and new Star Wars offerings at Hollywood Studios including an incredibly impressive fireworks spectacular!

Now, with 2017 here, we have a number of things to anticipate at locations across Florida!  Ranging from VR roller coasters to new attractions and technologically advanced lands to an entire water park, this coming year should be quite exciting.  So here is our count down of what we’re most looking forward to seeing in 2017! Read the rest of this entry


Grinchmas and Other Christmas Offerings Begin December 3rd at Universal Orlando


Beginning this weekend at Universal Orlando until January 1st, Guests can experience all Universal has to offer for it’s Christmas celebrations.  These aren’t in just one, but both parks of Universal Orlando!

Whoville Celebration

singing-whosFor a Whoville Christmas, head over to Islands of Adventure into Seuss Landing where you’ll be able to find the Whovilles out and about.  Once you get your photo op, be sure to catch a live retelling of the classic story, Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Starring The Grinch™ and featuring music recorded by Mannheim Steamroller, The Ginchmass Who-liday Spectacular is a 30 minute stage adaptation inspired by the Ron Howard film.  It’s a great way to catch the Christmas spirit and have a few laughs.  Check out the show times below. Read the rest of this entry

UPDATED: HHN 26! Our Initial Thoughts and Review

dscn0064This past weekend, we attended the opening of Halloween Horror Nights 26 on both Friday and Saturday nights and boy what a time we had.  This is an incredibly strong year for the event.  On Friday night, we took our time and only got through four houses and one show. For Saturday, we partook in the early entry AP event and were able to knock out seven houses and the second show before leaving around 11pm.  It was a great and exhausting weekend and we can’t wait to return.  Below are our initial thoughts of everything the event has to offer and we plan to update our thoughts as the event progresses.  This is because it was only opening weekend and the event can and usually does change for better/worse as time goes on.  Actors get more comfortable with their roles.  Scares improve, jokes are added, effects are tweaked, etc.  So while reading, keep in mind, much of this is based on a single experience on opening weekend.  If we have an open mind for improvement, you should too! Read the rest of this entry

Halloween Horror Nights 26 – Everything You Need to Know


Here we are everyone!  One month away from the opening of what looks like an incredible year for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando.  It’s been a long summer of waiting to hear all of the announcements and we have not been disappointed.  Six IP houses and three originals, an up-charge house bringing us to an even ten.  Plus, we’re getting five scare zones and two shows again. Chance returns this year as our host and is getting her own house and scare zone. With the official HHN Twitter announcing they had decided to do all of the most requested houses this year,  it certainly sounds like it is going to be another season for the books!  I think the fans will be in love with everything they have to offer for this season.  Here is everything you need to know! Read the rest of this entry

Surprise Announcement – Virtual Reality Experience Brings HHN 26 to 10 Houses


Just two days ago, Universal Orlando announced their three original houses and five scare zones, leaving us to believe there was just one house left to be announced.  Well, it turns out that wasn’t the case.  Today, Universal Orlando announced a brand new virtual reality up-charge experience coming to HHN 26!  Check out the announcement below!

The-Repository_FM-1170x731 Read the rest of this entry

HHN 26 – All but One House Announced!

os-universal-halloween-horror-nights-chance-20-001Yesterday, Universal decided to release details of all three of their original houses PLUS all five scare zones!  It was quite an exciting time.  This tallies us to 8 out of 9 houses, 5 scare zones, and 2 shows!  The event is packed yet again for another year of crazy fun, only this time, Chance is in charge.  And thanks to a tweet from the official HHN twitter account (Hollywood), we now know they decided to do all of the properties fans request most often.  Since Hollywood and Orlando are duplicating many houses, this comes as no surprise.   Check out the newly released details below! Read the rest of this entry

REVIEW: Red Oven Pizza Bakery Is Where to Get Your Pizza Fix

imageThe other day, we finally  decided to eat at Red Oven Pizza Bakery located right in the center area of City Walk at Universal Orlando.  I’ve walked by it many times, but never had the chance to eat there because we either ate at the park, Cowfish, or just didn’t spend a full day at Universal in general.  But on this day, we were seeing a movie and only had a short window of time before having to go into the theater, so a typical sit-down restaurant wasn’t going to cut it.  Red Oven Pizza Bakery was the perfect choice!

The restaurant itself isn’t big, but that’s fine.  It was dinner time and we didn’t have any problem finding a table.  Seating is outdoors, but covered so it was very comfortable. Read the rest of this entry

REVIEW: Skull Island: Reign of Kong – Overhyped, but Also a Bit Over Criticized

DSCN9955So after weeks of trying to get over to Universal to ride Skull Island, I finally secured a visit on Thursday. I’ve been hyping this ride since the days of its early rumors back in 2014. When it was officially announced, I couldn’t believe Universal was bringing a classic back to their parks. I found it to be incredibly exciting. And then, the rumors began of what the attraction would entail. One of the craziest being we would once again be getting a giant animatronic Kong which would reach in and kidnap the driver of the vehicle! I can only imagine the logistical nightmares that would’ve caused.  Of course, we imagewere all hoping for the best because Universal couldn’t possibly just bring over their Tram Tour video from Hollywood, right?  I mean, they were building a gigantic new building for it and they even hinted at an animatronic Kong!  Well, we were wrong.  They did the video simulator, plus build the AA Kong.

Now the ride is in soft opening and technical previews and it is getting very mixed reviews.  Many fans are highly disappointed with it due to our wild hopes and expectations. (Another simulator?!?!) Other fans find it to be quite thrilling and are fully satisfied with the attraction.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  So let’s get on with the spoiler free review! Read the rest of this entry

Universal Studios’ Prop Store is a Gold Mine for Hardcore Fans

imageDo you happen to have $1000 just laying around?  Are you a collector of memorabilia that really does nothing but show off your passions?  Well, you’re in luck with Universal Orlando’s recent addition to their Studios theme park.  Inside Williams of Hollywood, which replaced the Magic Shop located on Hollywood Blvd, you’ll be able to find items ranging from classic props from Universal Studios Florida used in either film sets, old attractions and shows such as Twister: Ride It Out and Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue, and even artifacts from past Halloween Horror Nights. If you have a keen eye, you might even spot some very specific movie memorabilia!  Check out the photos below! Read the rest of this entry

Universal Orlando’s Top 10 Character Meet & Greets


One of the many reasons people from all over the world visit Walt Disney World is to meet their favorite Disney character(s).  For many, meeting a Disney Princess or Mickey Mouse imagehas become a rite of passage.  It is such an incredibly popular thing to do, that Guests will wait three to four hours just to meet a certain character. (I’m looking at you, Elsa.)  But did you know that just down the street at another equally amazing theme park resort, Universal Orlando also has some pretty amazing character meet & greets?  Even better is most of them rarely have a long wait time, if any.  Many even just wander through the streets instead of having a specific location set up for them, which allows you to walk up and grab a quick photo! A few can even rival some of Disney’s!

Now, even though Universal Orlando Resort isn’t quite as big as Walt Disney World, theytumblr_nu803iCCzg1rql53mo2_1280 still have a decent number of meet & greets in both of their parks.  If you count out all of the characters you can meet, meaning each one or grouping you’d have to wait for separately, there are more than 30 overall, which is actually pretty amazing considering there are only two parks!

Universal Orlando has a wide variety of ways to meet their characters. Some characters meet in large groups, such as the Simpsons, and others fly solo, like Beetlejuice; some all come out to meet together, but you have to meet each one separately, like the Marvel or Dr. Seuss characters, and some all share a single meet & greet area, such as the Transformers! Everyone has a favorite character but here are our picks for the top 10 best meet & greets at Universal Orlando Resort. Read the rest of this entry